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Lake Havasu and Parker, AZ Weather Links

                                 Daily Max                          Daily Min                  Aver. Precip.



    44   0.71 
 Feb       73     48  0.13
 Mar       79     53  0.49
 Apr       89     59  0.05
 May       98     69  0.02
 June      107     76  0.12
 July      112     84  0.14
 Aug      111     85  0.21
 Sep      104     77  0.40
 Oct       92     62  0.01
 Nov       75     50  0.19
 Dec       65     43  0.31
 Avg.      89.7     63  2.67

Lake Havasu City is blessed with abundant warmth and sunshine with basically 9-10 months of summer weather and 2-3 months of mild weather.  Spring and Fall (summer like weather anywhere else) brings high temperatures in the 70s -  90s with very low humidity and cool comfortable nights.  Summer really gets rolling by the end of May however the true desert heat that will knock your socks off is most noticable in July and August.  It's a dry heat but during July and August it is not unheard of to experience 20% - 30% humidity some days making the heat tougher to take and producing an occasional monsoon thunderstorm.  July and August are incredibly popular for boating and jet skiing as well as pool parties.  Mid winter weather in Lake Havasu City is typically tremendous with temperatures in the 60s and 70s with very little rain and sunny blue skies.  The Lewis Family literally enjoyed Christmas dinner in our backyard overlooking the lake one recent holiday season.

Click on the link(s) below you will be able to view the current forecast & weather conditions for Lake Havasu City and Parker, AZ.  Search Lake Havasu Real Estate at  Thanks for visiting!

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