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Staging Your Lake Havasu Home

How to Stage Your Lake Havasu Home to Sell by Bobby & Julie Lewis.
Check out the You Tube Videos below as well for more tips.
  • Lake Havasu Curb Appeal  
Remove weeds, rake the gravel, add a couple of small palm trees and do whatever you can to make your home look good from the street.  If your home has trim that needs painting just do it.  In Lake Havasu we see a lot of garage doors that look faded and ugly.  This is the first thing a buyer will notice when they drive up.  You will be surprised how much better your home will look just by painting the garage door.
  • Front Door

This is crucial.  The front door needs to look good.  When your potential buyers are at the front door waiting for the agent to get the key you don't want them thinking what a crummy entrance you have.  Paint it, scrub it, add new hardware, whatever it takes but make it look good.

  • Living Area

Clean and tidy and if it is the least bit crowded the room will seem small.  Remove any furniture that is too big for the room.  Warm, neutral colors if you are going to paint. 

  • Windows

Clean them.  Nothing looks better than sparkling clean windows and nothing makes a home look worse that dirty windows.  I know it is a pain but if you want top dollar the windows need to be clean. 

  • Temperature

Lake Havasu is a hot place in the summer.  You want buyers to be refreshed when they enter your Lake Havasu home.  If the home is hot inside all the buyers will be thinking about is, "when can I get back to the A/C in the car."  That's not what you want.  Don't rush a buyer out because your home is too hot.

  • Kitchen Counters and Cabinets
Granite is NOT the issue here.  Counters (no matter what type you have) need to be clean and free of clutter.  If you have tile make sure the grout is clean, if laminate and out of date consider having re-surfaced for only a few hundred dollars.  Typically only if you have a high end luxury home with out of date counters should you consider changing them out.
Cabinets should be cleaned up with Oil Soap or if in very bad condition, a can of paint, new hardware, and a few hours of labor can make all the difference in the world.  Exterior of Refrigerator should be clean of clutter, magnets, and photos.  
  • Carpet Clean

This one is easy and a must.  If you are putting your home up for sale call ChemDry or your carpet cleaner of choice and get the carpets cleaned.

  • Bathrooms

Towels should match and be folded neatly over towel bars.  Bathroom counters should be clean of clutter.  While your home is on the market keep what you use under the counter.  A vase with flowers usually ads a touch of class as well.  Also make sure the mirrors are clean.

  • Remove the Clutter
This is Staging 101.  If you are even wondering if something needs to go to make your Lake Havasu home look better then it probably should.  To get top dollar (and in a poor market to sell at all) your home needs to look like a model.  Clean and tidy is the way to go.  9 out of 10 buyers can not see through clutter and even the 1 out of 10 that does will see your home as less valuable because of it.  It pays to get rid of the junk. 
  • Clean Home
A home that is not clean is not only a turn off to buyers but it also gives a buyer the impression the home has likely not been maintained well.  If you do nothing else make sure your home is clean when buyers arrive.
Staging your home for sale in Lake Havasu is crucial.  Many homes are for sale and your home needs to stand out.  It doesn't need to be expensive.  Just some time and effort spent cleaning, removing clutter, and touching up will make all the difference.